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Dustin Stucki, J.D., LMFT. My goal is to provide a path of hope in the chaos of family conflict. Using skills as both a Family Law Attorney and Marriage and Family Therapist, I am proud to help make divorce and custody issues less traumatic for couples, parents, and especially children.

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Year: 2020

1January, 2020
Jan 10 Annual Membership Meeting for 2020
Jan 10 Introduction to Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy by Dr. Talal H. Alsaleem, PsyD, LMFT
Jan 10 January Board Meeting
Jan 25 February 2020 Newsletter Ad Deadline
Feb 07 **Free** Pre-Licensed 3000 Club Workshop - Law and Ethics JEOPARODY!
Feb 07 The Adoption Journey and the Role of Mental Health Specialists by Jenenne Macklin
Feb 25 March 2020 Newsletter Ad Deadline
Mar 04 3rd Annual Mental Health Professionals Job Fair
Mar 07 Board Retreat
Mar 25 April 2020 Newsletter Ad Deadline
Apr 03 **Free** Pre-Licensed 3000 Club Workshop - BBS Answers your questions
Apr 03 Let's Talk About Sex by Kris Coffman
Apr 03 April Board Meeting
Apr 08 Evening Workshop: Custody, Litigation, and Role of Therapist by Mary Ann Frank, Ph.D., LMFT, RN
Apr 25 May 2020 Newsletter Ad Deadline
May 01 **Free** Pre-Licensed 3000 Club Workshop - May
May 01 Music and Dance by Majica Philips, LMFT
May 25 June 2020 Newsletter Ad Deadline
Jun 05 **Free** Pre-Licensed 3000 Club Workshop - June
Jun 05 LGBTQ & Intersectionality - Nghia Nguyen
Jun 05 June Board Meeting
Jul 24 Law and Ethics 2 Day Workshop by Darlene Davis, LMFT, LPCC
Aug 19 Summer Streams 2020 Newsletter Ad Deadline
Sep 04 **Free** Pre-Licensed 3000 Club Workshop - September
Sep 04 Wilderness Therapy - Jeff Adorador
Sep 04 September Board Meeting
Sep 25 October 2020 Newsletter Ad Deadline
Oct 02 **Free** Pre-Licensed 3000 Club Workshop - October
Oct 02 Suicide Prevention - Kimberly Anderson
Oct 25 November 2020 Newsletter Ad Deadline
Nov 06 November Board Meeting
Nov 06 Art Therapy - Martha Cowley, LMFT
Nov 06 Annual Membership Meeting for 2021
Nov 06 50th Anniversary Celebration Party
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